Background to our Village Hall.

In the 1920s, it was felt that a village hall was needed for social activities and so, by vigorous fund- raising efforts and small loans from the villagers themselves, the present hall was constructed for and on behalf of the local community and eventually built in 1924. 

The village hall began as a discussion between Mrs Clarke Williams, who was Secretary to the WI and the members of the Men’s Club who wanted to build a Parish Hall. Joint meetings were held and in 1925, Mrs Williams herself offered to donate land for the purpose near 'The Hydes'. Eventually, Sir Charles Pulley gave what was thought to be a more suitable plot next to the school.

Money raising efforts began with dances, whist drives and jumble sales. £487 was raised but this was not enough for the purpose and at the time with a small parish, it was felt that the village could not raise any further money in gifts or efforts. It was George Lloyd, Sir Charles’ groom, who came forward with the idea which brought the final plan to fruition. A special meeting was called and he suggested that the villagers themselves should lend the money, free of interest.

This plan was met with an immediate response and loans ranging from 5 to £10 came in. Eventually, there was enough money for work to commence. The hall was built and it opened in January 1928. The total cost was £590.17.0 and before long, loans were being repaid starting with the smallest first. Altogether, £103.10.0 was contributed by the lending scheme. Unfortunately, the Men’s Club could not carry on during the Second World War and has never been restarted; also, sadly, the once thriving WI within the village no longer exists.

Currently, the village hall is run, voluntarily, by a management committee as a registered charity for the benefit of the local community and relies on the support of local people and groups hiring the venue without whom, it could not continue to thrive.

Please help us keep this valuable facility going by hiring the hall for your next event. 

Views of the main hall 


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