Who's who

Eaton Bishop Village Hall is supported by a group of dedicated parishioners, who look after and maintain the hall and help to facilitate the events and activities therein.  

All of the roles are voluntary.

Current Management Committee members:

Chairperson -  Mr Dan Seymour

Bookings Co-ordinator - Mrs. Julie Davies

Secretary -  Mrs. Moe Netting 

Treasurer -  Mrs. Eileen Sims

Marketing & Social Media -       Mrs. Meryl Cain

Caretaker - Mr. Phil Davies

Buildings and Maintenance - Mr. Mike Netting, Mr. Phil Davies and Mr. Clive Harper

Housekeeping and Supplies - Mrs. Moe Netting

Job Descriptions

Bookings: Bookings jd.pdf

Secretary: Secretary jd.pdf

Tresurer: Treasurer jd.pdf

Caretaker: Caretaker jd.pdf

Volunteer Role Vacancies:

General Enquiries



We are looking for advice and input from parishioners, who are qualified professionals and/or skilled-workers and who, would be willing to offer some help with the planning and development of the structure of the village hall, with a view to further updating/improving and to making it yet more functional and user-friendly.

If you think you can help:

  • with planning and/or development of the Village Hall building/structure
  • with day to day running of the Village Hall
  • in a volunteer role