Eaton Camp Historical Society 

Held at the Village Hall, Quarterly on a Wednesday evening, at 7pm.

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  • January, 24th: Who were the Knights Templar? - Speaker: Gil McHattie  (Link)
  • April 2018.  Details TBC.

Background to Eaton Camp and the Historical Society

Eaton Camp, a Promontory Camp in the Parish of Eaton Bishop

The Society was set up in 2010 to raise awareness of the Eaton Camp as a valuable historic monument (see map above).  Its members are primarily local residents interested in studying, preserving and promoting Eaton Camp, Iron Age Hill Fort, in Ruckhall and in learning more about local history. In 2012 -13 excavations took place within the fort supported by Heritage Lottery Fund.  The site has been dated to middle Iron Age period and remains of pig, sheep, dog and goat have been found along with items of pottery and jewellery. Excavations on the ‘nose’ of the site showed us the outline of a roundhouse and the possibility of an underground chamber close by.

Further information on excavations and reports can be found on Herefordshire Archaeology at

The site is now part of a Conservation Management Plan which is attempting to restore grassland to the eroding southern scarp slopes beside the Cage Brook and this involves scrub and woodland management and the reintroduction of grazing.  A seat, gifted by the Eaton Bishop Jubilee Committee, sits on the ‘nose’ with views across to Breinton. There are information boards at both entrances giving more details about the hill fort and the surrounding area.

The Society currently hosts 3 to 4 speaker meetings a year on a range of historical topics and members are involved with sharing local history with others in the parish on Parish Walks.

If you would like to join the society, annual membership costs £10 and for further information, please contact: 

Andrew Lifely (chair) Tel: 01981 250231; Email:

Louise Hamilton (secretary¬≠) Tel: 01432 354443; Email:

Programme 2018

January, 24th: Who were the Knights Templar? - Speaker: Gil McHattie

A look at this religious fighting Order: their beginnings and their end. The talk will also focus on Herefordshire sites where the Templars were active.

Gil organised a large International conference on the Knights Templar in Sussex in 2009 and from this compiled and edited a book on the proceedings. Her main research is the early Cistercian Order and Bernard of Clairvaux but it is a very short step from St. Bernard to the Templar Knights.

Members Free; Non members £4 to include refreshments

All welcome

Enquiries to: Louise Hamilton 01432 354443 or Andrew Lifely 01981 250231 

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