Welcome to Eaton Bishop Parish Council

What we do:

Parish Councils are the first tier of governance and are an essential part of the structure of local democracy with the vital role of acting on behalf of the communities they represent.

Some of the duties undertaken by Eaton Bishop Parish Council include the following:

  • give views on behalf of the community on planning applications and other proposals that affect the Parish
  • undertake projects and schemes that benefit local residents
  • work in partnership with other bodies to achieve benefits for the Parish
  • alert relevant authorities to problems that arise or work that needs to be undertaken
  • help the other tiers of local government keep in touch with the local community. 
The Parish Council have power to raise money through the Local Council Tax by way of the Parish Precept. Parish Councillors decide annually the amount of the precept for the following year which is collected by the Local Authority as part of the Council Tax. This money is then paid to the Parish Council in two payments normally in April and September each year.

When we do it: 

Eaton Bishop Parish Council meetings are held in the Village Hall:

  • on the 2nd Wednesday of every month, except in August
  • at 7.30pm with a 10 minute section for residents to address the Council or raise issues of concern

Parishioners are always very welcome to remain and observe the Parish Council meeting.

The Local Commons

An example of work undertaken on behalf of the Parish and parishioners.


The Parish Council have a lease with the Church Commissioners to maintain Honeymoor Common, Ruckhall Common and Littlemarsh Common.

The previous lease expired in 2007 and although the Parish Council pressed for a renewal no agreement was reached.  The agents for the Church Commissioners then put the Eaton Bishop Commons up for sale and with little interest shown, the Commons were withdrawn from the market. 

At this stage the Parish Council again approached the agents and in July 2012 a 21 year lease was agreed with the Church Commissioners to maintain the Commons as they were from the date of the lease.

The Commons are an important part of the Parish and enjoyed by many people with the 'Commoners' always maintaining their rights of grazing etc.  The Parish Council are therefore proactive in the 'topping' of large areas of Honeymoor on an annual basis and regular grass cutting of areas of Ruckhall Common.

Littlemarsh Common 

Littlemarsh Common is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) on the boundary of Clehonger and Eaton Bishop parishes that had become overgrown with scrub.  Since 2014 Commoners, local volunteers, contractors and a small flock of sheep are gradually restoring a mosaic of wet grassland, woodland and scrub at Littlemarsh with funding and support from Natural England’s Environmental Stewardship Scheme.

To get involved in this community project, to benefit wildlife or find out more about the Common

 Visit: http://www.eatonbishoppc.btck.co.uk/Commons

Contact: Caroline Hanks: Tel: 01981 250239; Email: hankscaroline@gmail.com

Further details of Eaton Bishop Parish Council, including Minutes and Agenda, at:

Parish Council websitewww.eatonbishoppc.btck.co.uk

With thanks to local parishioners, Leon Wolverson & Caroline Hanks, for help with the contents of this page.